Selected Performance Works:
This page catalogues a selection of individual pieces by Rebecca Bryant and Don Nichols, as well as their collaborations with each other and other artists.

REBECCA BRYANT Choreography:

Essential 2012
Dance with interactive video and real-time electronics

A Moment of Danger 2010
Dance with traffic cones and safety goggles.

Evolution of Evolution 2009
Dance with live speaker and recorded sound. Inspired by the youtube video, "Evolution of Dance."

unmade 2009
Dance trio with recorded sound and video.

Dance sextet with live and recorded video and recorded sound.

Scene #1 2007
Dance with sound and giraffe masks.

in this piece, something will be revealed and something will stay concealed 2007
Dance solo with powerpoint presentation and water bottles.

Live 2006
Dance with text.

blinking blood 2006
Dance with text.

in search of grey 2006
For two dancers, two musicians, white rice, black rice and cut-outs of Israel and Lebanon.

Specimens 2006
For six dancers and recorded sound.

error-ists 2005
For six dancers plus one speaker
with pre-recorded sound. Site-specific performance for San Diego Trolley Dances.

Subject 2004
For three speaking dancers.

RedBall 2004
Improvisation on a spiral staircase for Sushi Performance and Visual Art.

2 pages 2003
For two dancers, percussionist, video projection and pre-recorded sound.

This War Will Not Be Over Before the Next Commercial Break 2003
For two dancers, marching machine operator, siren, and pre-recorded sound.

Negotiations 2001
Choreographed by Rebecca Bryant and Nehara Kalev for two dancers, table and small chair.

DON NICHOLS Soundscores and Compositions:

Pulse Piece 2012
Solo with pre-recorded sound

Station of Small Sounds 2012
Solo for snare drum

Chains, Nuts, Bowls, Cans 2012
Multi-tracked solo

Pitchforks on Dirt Roads 2010
Solo with real-time interactive electronics and video

Black Sparrow Shadow 2010
Solo with real-time interactive electronics and video

Cloudy But Sunny 2010
Solo with video and pre-recorded sound

Another Border Crossing 2008

Live Ability 2007
Duet with pre-recorded sound, movement and text.

News Between Copies 2006
Solo for metal plates with pre-recorded video and audio.

The Wasabi Event 2005
For two performers and CD.

The 8 o'clock News 2004
For speaker/dancer, speaker/percussionist, pre-recorded sound and video.

Idol, Ideal, Idle 2004
For three speakers.

What I Remember 2003
For speaker/dancer, speaker/percussionist and pre-recorded sound.

Transition 2002
Composed by Rick Burkhart for two speakers and assorted percussion instruments.